By October 21, 2020

Illegal Yacht Charters in Miami

Who would not want to spend their days cruising on the azure water of Florida’s coast? You can rent a yacht and choose your ideal itinerary. This way you are not tied down by organized tours

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By October 14, 2020

Have a Haunted Halloween onboard a Private Yacht

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. Now the atmosphere is that bit spookier. It is October the time for Halloween, possibly the Nation’s favourite

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By October 7, 2020

The most luxurious way to get a jet ski rental

Are you an adventure seeker? Someone looking for a thrill? Or someone wanting to get their Adrenalin pumping? Because if you are, InStyle yachts has the perfect deal for you.

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By September 30, 2020

Choose the ultimate way to visit the Florida Reef

There is nothing quite like diving into pristine waters with a mask to glimpse the magical world beneath the waves. The best way to do this, is by chartering your own private yacht.

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By September 23, 2020

Here is how to achieve an unforgettable Fall Equinox

Fall is approaching fast, and with-it colder weather and shorter days. This year’s Fall Equinox falls on the 22nd of September. The day is considered the first day of the fall

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By September 16, 2020

Snorkel Key Largo and Christ of the Abyss Onboard a Private Yacht

Have you ever wanted to escape from everyday life? Sink into another world? Explore something extraordinary? Luckily for you, as humans, we know

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By September 9, 2020

7 Benefits of Chartering a Yacht vs a Hotel

For many of us, an ideal holiday has a few of the following components. It is relaxing, it is entertaining, and gives us a Temporary, new atmosphere. Many people opt for a hotel for

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By September 2, 2020

The Best Way To Visit Florida Lighthouses

Are you a fan of lighthouses? These solitary, rising towers dot a coastline as a staple, and icon of seaside communities. If you enjoy visiting these distinctive buildings, then

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By August 26, 2020

This is the best way to celebrate Labor Day Weekend in Miami

Are you looking for something to do this labor weekend? Enjoy the summer feeling with a celebration in Miami. Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September to celebrate

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By August 19, 2020

Explore the Downtown Miami River and Canal in Luxurious Style

One of the most iconic spots in Miami is the large Miami River. This Florida rider drains out of the Everglades and runs through downtown Miami.

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By August 12, 2020

The Ultimate Summer Holiday in Miami onboard a Luxury Yacht

Can anything be as iconic as a summer holiday in Miami? Yes. That is a private luxury yacht rental. That is the way to do Miami in style. Endless beaches, bar option, exquisite meals, and

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By August 4, 2020

The best way to see the Perseid Meteor Showers in Miami

Summertime in Florida means many different things to different people. For some it is ample cocktails by the pool or a fantastic tan. To you it may be a luxurious hotel get away.

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By August 4, 2020

Do not let the Dog days of summer get you down in Miami

To the Greeks and Romans, the dog days came around when the star Sirius rose before the sun. Sirius is the Dog Star. Hence the name Dog Days. In the modern world, the dog days

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By July 20, 2020

Meet Tommy Johnson of Instyle Yachts in Brickell

We came as a group of friends to Winter Music Conference on my Yacht just for a few days to enjoy the music and have some fun boating. We ended up staying a little longer

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By April 8, 2020

Charter a Yacht to Key West

Key West is the southernmost point in the United States and offers visitors a wide range of holiday activities. If you are a fan of nightlife, water sports, beaches, historic sites, and beautiful nature

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